On Mother's Day

06 May 2018

You will need:

30cm X 30xm thick blue paper

3cm (width) X 15cm thick green paper

20X 20 cm thick yellow paper

20 X 20 cm thick red paper





First create the flowers. Draw with a pencil on the yellow paper, two flowers of equal size and also a small round circle. On the red paper, draw two small round circles and a red flower. They should be the same size as the yellow ones.

Glue the two red circles over the two yellow flowers and similarly, the yellow circle over the red flower. You will have three flowers. Let them dry.

Cut the green paper in three stripes, size of 1cm in width and 15 cm height. These are the stalks of the flowers.

Glue each flower over the stalk – try to place the flower, to cover 3cm of the stalk- and let it dry.

To make the bouquet, cut a part of the blue paper, as a parallelogram. We want the top edge to be around 16 cm and the width around 10cm. Afterwards, cut a small triangle the same width as the wider part of the parallelogram and approximately 7-8cm in height. Glue the edges of the triangle over the other piece. That will create a bouquet with a small “pocket”.

Put some glue at the back of the stalks of the flower, open the pocket carefully and insert the flowers. The red flower should be in the middle and the yellow ones on each side, as in the picture.

The paper flower bouquet is ready to give to your grandmother!

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