Playful Christmas!

Snowman on my head!

You will need
Paper Plates
Markers ~ pencils and pens are NOT suitable for this game 

How to Play:
The host tells the players to place a paper plate on their head. The players will hold the plate in one hand and the marker in the other hand.  
Once everyone is ready with their plates on their heads, the host will give a series of instructions:
Draw a line for the ground/snow
Draw a large snowball for the base of your snowman.
Create a medium sized snowball on top of the first one.
Cap your snowman with a small snowball for the head.
Draw a carrot nose.
Now add 2 eyes and a mouth with dots of coal.
Draw a scarf to keep your snowman warm
Add 2 stick arms
and finally, finish your snowman by drawing a top hat on your snowman’s head.
Now that the drawings are complete, place all the snowmen on the table to admire.

Candy Cane Xmas Hunting

Similar to Easter Egg hunting but with candy canes! A simple game but yet so fun! 

You will need
20 candy canes

How to play
 Hide and hang them in various places around your house. Inside the Xmas tree, on the kitchen counter, under pillows, hanging from windows and so on. Give your children one bag each. They will have half an hour to look for the candy canes. Once the time is up, whoever has more candy canes in their bag wins the game!

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