METRO Supermarkets
METRO Supermarkets
METRO Supermarkets

Only for permanent Cyprus Residents

Same day use to start earning points

Every €1 spent equals to 1 point

€10 cash back coupon when you reach 1000 points


Completely FREE

In our customer service desks located in all stores 

With METROcard we reward you!

With METROcard...

...we reward your continued loyalty each and every time you shop with us, because all good relationships are reciprocal ones! You honor us by shopping with us, and we return the favor by giving you €10 cash back coupons which you can spend whenever you want on whatever you want at METRO supermarkets.


METROcard-Holder Benefits

  • It’s free! No sign-up fees, no hidden charges, nothing!
  • It never expires.
  • Get a free €10 cash back coupon each time you earn 1000 points.

How METROcard Works:

  • For every €1 you spend you earn 1 point. (So, if you spent €25 then you just earned 25 points.)
  • Earn extra points by purchasing certain items offered for a limited time. Look to see which items earn you extra points in our flyers and in our stores.
  • Earn extra points by shopping in specially participating departments
  • Each time you earn 1,000 points you get a free €10 cash back coupon to use in the METRO location where your card was first issued.
  • Redeem your €10 cash back coupon for products costing €10 or use it to supplement a bigger purchase at the check out. (€10 cash back coupons are not redeemable for cash.)


Obtaining a METROcard

It’s easy! Go to whichever METRO supermarket you visit the most and pick up a registration form from the customer service desk. Fill it out, turn it in and you’ll get your METROcard that very instant, which you can use immediately to start earning points. You can use your METROcard in any of our METRO locations, but remember that redemptions can only occur at the store in which you opened your account.


At the Cashier

You’ve finished shopping and you’re at the check out. Give your METROcard to the cashier, either in the beginning of your transaction or while you are being rung-up. Your METROcard can be accepted at any point prior to the final totaling of your bill. The points you earned for your transaction, as well as your running total, will be listed on your receipt.

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