Privacy Policy

METRO FOODS TRADING LTD, has over the years, built a strong relationship of trust and reciprocity with our customers, partners, staff and suppliers. Valuing this relationship, we inform you that METRO FOODS TRADING LTD is the Responsible Body (“Data Controller”) regarding the personal data that You provide to us. We would therefore like to clarify:

A. What this Policy covers

B. What personal data has been collected

C. Why we collect and use your personal data

D. How long do we collect them for

E. How we process your personal data

F. Exclusion of Liability

G. Your rights and choices regarding your personal data

We would like to underline that we take all reasonable steps to use and maintain safely your personal data.





Hence METRO FOODS TRADING LTD takes all reasonable steps to safeguard YOUR personal data.

For METRO FOODS TRADING LTD the point is to build a new culture of personal data protection and this will be achieved if there is:

  • transparency
  • accuracy and
  • knowledge

of our customers, partners, staff and suppliers of what data we collect, the purpose and the length of time for which data is retained.

B. What personal data do we collect?

When you sign up for our services, you can give us your personal information such as your full name, address, telephone number, date of birth, and your email address. These personal data are collected via METROcard.

By creating METROcard you also have the option of enrolling your children at the METRO Kids Club in order to permit your children to take part in competitions, events and win gifts.

To register with METROKids Club, we collect your child's name, date of birth, parent or guardian's name and address, telephone number as well as METROcard number.
Also, when you browse our site or use our application, we can collect:

Information about your browsing behavior on our site and our app, and information on how often we visit our ads (including those appearing on other organisations' websites).

Information about the devices you used to visit our services (manufacturer, model, operating system, IP address, browser type, and device identifiers).

When you use your METROcard in your shopping or when you use vouchers or coupons, we can collect:

a) Transaction information, including your purchases at your store that earn METROcard points

b) how to use your vouchers and coupons.


When you communicate with us or we communicate with you or take part in our promotions, competitions, inquiries or questionnaires about our Services, we can collect:

  • Personal data about yourself every time you contact us for our services (for example, name, username, and contact information), by telephone, mail or e-mail, or via social media.
  • Information about emails and other electronic communications that we send you and which you open, including your visits to our site.
  • Responding and offering you on any inquiries and questionnaires for customers.

C. Why we collect and use your personal data

To make our Services available to you:
i. For managing your accounts with our company, including METROcard and METRΟkids club accounts.

ii. For the processing of orders

iii. Refunds of your money.

Why do we use your personal data in this way?

i. We need to process your personal data in order to be able to manage our clients' accounts.

ii. This enables us to provide you with the products and services you want to buy.

iii. This enables us to assist you with any orders and refunds you may request.

iv. To adapt to your needs and to provide an excellent METRO experience

v. We use your internet browsing behavior as well as your store transactions and METROcard for our better understanding of you as a customer.

vi. We also offer specific offers and / or services tailored to your needs.

The reason we use your personal information in this way is:

By studying your browsing behavior and purchases, it allows us to tailor the offers we send to you and to understand a little better the way you shop.

To provide you with relevant means by which to communicate comprising of email, mobile, mail, or online advertising, to promote our products and services.

As a result, our online advertising may appear on METRO FOODS TRADING LTD's web site, but also on web sites and online channels of other organizations.

The reason we use your personal information in this way is:

We want to make sure that we communicate with you on promotional activities, including online advertising, relevant to your interests.

To accomplish this, we also measure your response to promotional communications about our products and services, which means we can offer you products and services that best meet your customer needs.

You are given the choice to change your selections at any time.  This means during or even after registration.  In our cookies privacy rights you will discover how you can control your advertising preferences regarding your online behavior.


Contact us about our services, for example, by phone, mobile, email, mail, or responding to social media posts you are addressing.

The reason we use your personal information in this way is:

We want to serve you better as our customer, so we use your personal data to provide explanations or assistance, responding to your communication with us.

Also managing the promotions and competitions in which you participate, including those we run with our suppliers.

The reason we use your personal information in this way is:

We need to process your personal data so that we can manage the promotions and competitions you have chosen to participate in.

Invitation to participate in customer surveys, questionnaires and other market research actions conducted by METRO FOODS TRADING LTD as well as their management.

The reason we use your personal information in this way is:

We conduct market research in order to improve our Services. However, if we contact you for this reason, you are not, in any way required to take part.

If you let us know that you do not want to contact us again for market research purposes, we will respect your choice. This will not affect your ability to use our Services.

To help us better understand you as a customer and to be able to provide you with services and to communicate about promotions, including online advertising, relevant to your interests, we also combine personal data that we collect when you shop at the store using your METROcard, with personal data we collect from our websites, our application, and other sources.

D. How long do we collect them?

Your personal data is collected for a certain amount of time. This time period is set out in the terms and conditions of the consent you have voluntarily signed in METRO stores or online. The time will be taken based on the measures taken by METRO FOODS TRADING LTD.

For those customers who are pre-existing i.e. before the practical application of the New European Regulation on Personal Data (679/16), their personal data will be retained safe with us until he/she informs us that they do not wish to receive anymore the information we send you.

METRO FOODS TRADING LTD stresses that, even if you have provided your consent, you can expressly revoke it by informing us in writing at our electronic address [email protected]  Please note that you will not be penalised for choosing to do this.

 E. How do we process your personal data

Your personal data is processed at the offices of METRO FOODS TRADING LTD located in Cyprus. The storage of your data is done by taking all appropriate measures to ensure their adequate security.

Your personal data is not accessible to third parties, unless required by law.

F. Exclusion of Liability

Please note that METRO FOODS TRADING LTD is not responsible for the privacy practices of other organisations' sites.  We strongly encourage our visitors that when they leave our website and go to other websites, to read the privacy policy of other sites.

G. Your rights and choices regarding your personal data


You are entitled to know:

• Who keeps your personal data?
• For what purpose?
• For how long? Are there any recipients?


If you wish, you can ask in writing to find out which of your personal data METRO FOODS TRADING LTD has collected. METRO FOODS TRADING LTD will respond in writing to your request within four (4) weeks.


If you realise that the personal data collected is incorrect or if you have updated or renewed your data, then please contact [email protected] to rectify your details.


Beyond the right of rectification, you also have the right to erase the links around your name if they are incorrectly posted on the internet. If you wish, please contact [email protected] which may inform you of what measures can be taken.


You must be aware that your data can only be collected for a specific purpose as well as for a certain period of time.


On the basis of your rights, you may request that your data be corrected or deleted by a public or private body which must reply in writing within 15 days.  Rejection is notified. If you have not been satisfied with the response you have received then you further have the right to contact the Office of the Commissioner for Personal Data and file a complaint with them.