The Fully Renovated METRO on Aglatntzias Avenue in NOW OPEN

06 August 2021
The Fully Renovated METRO on Aglatntzias Avenue in NOW OPEN

For more than 2 decades now, METRO supermarket on Aglatntzias Avenue is offering a friendly and warm customer service to its visitors.

Within the scope of the total upgrade of all of our supermarkets, now is the turn of METRO supermarket on Aglatntzias Avenue to be fully renovated and open its doors to a new era. The new image of the store complies with the unified aesthetics of all METRO supermarkets, with a fresh and contemporary look.


The inside changes done are drastic and we have managed to achieve the optimized usage of internal spaces, so as to create wide and comfortable aisles and place more display racks for the products. The cookshop area is now bigger and more convenient offering you the best quality of everyday food, and more items have been added to many product categories, like the liquor store, bio products and more. We have installed new state of the art refrigerators and raised the number of the cashiers. At the same time, the addition of a new big elevator allowed the total exploitation of the 1st floor where now many products are displayed.


At METRO supermarket on Aglatntzias Avenue, we serve you with the same values through time, but now we do that in a modern and delightful space.

Our personnel are waiting for you to visit the newly renovated supermarket, to offer you a fresh shopping experience. 

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