Oh Xmas candle!

You will need (for both candles)

2 tall white candles for each Xmas candle. They can be fragrant 
20 cinnamon sticks, as tall as you can find (approx. 20xm)
Elastic bands
Garden string
Dried fruit
Ribbons e.g. lace
Pine cones
Star anise
Sprigs of holly
Other trimmings of your liking

Candle 1

Place one elastic band around the top and one around the bottom of the candle, then poke the cinnamon sticks through the bands, side by side, around the edge of the candle. With a pair of scissors, cut the cinnamon sticks as evenly as you can, so they’re the same height as the candle. Once the candle is covered, wind the garden string tightly around the sticks, tie, then cut away the elastic bands. Have a rough towel in your hand. Place the candle on a small, old plate and put it into the microwave at maximum heat for 25 seconds.
Remove from the microwave by holding with the tea towel and giving a good squeeze to meld the cinnamon to the candle. Place back into the microwave for a further 25 seconds and repeat. Leave to cool fully.
Once cool, remove the string. Tie some ribbon around the center of the candle and tuck in any decorations you fancy, such as dried fruit, pine cones, star anise and sprigs of holly. Finished!

Candle 2
Glue 4 sticks horizontally to create the base. On the two ends of the base glue vertically two more sticks. Make sure the candle fits in. On top of those two sticks glue vertically two more. Once dried, glue any decorations you want on cinnamon sticks. Put the candle inside and it is ready.

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