Red, Red Wine!

11 November 2017

Sunday’s Souvla
The favorite food of the Cypriots is served at the table all year round and is thus included in the menu of the autumn and winter menu. Enjoy it with a "spicy" Syrah (Shiraz) wine or wine, from the Cyprus red wine varieties, Maratheftiko and Giannoudi.

It is their season and although it’s not easy to pair them with wine, we will make the appropriate suggestions.
-  Pair the mushroom soup – made using mushrooms of intense flavor -, with “mushroomy” red wines such as a Pinot Noir or a young Syrah.
- If you like tomato soup, particularly intense in taste, enjoy it with a young red Italian Chianti or a young Spanish Rioja wine.

It is time to put our ovens in use, cooking delicious stews with meat or vegetables.
- With beef like the French Bourguignon dish, a classic French wine from Bordeaux is the first choice. Then, an Argentinean Malbec or wines with Cabernet Sauvignon in their blend are ideal.
- With pork, cooked in red sauce, try a Merlot, a Greek Agiorgitiko, a Spanish Rioja, or a young Cypriot Maratheftiko or Giannoudi. If you are going to cook a roast pork, enjoy it with an Italian Chianti Classico or even a Pinot Noir from Burgundy, France or Australia.
- With vegetables cooked in red sauce and /or some kind of pasta, an Italian Barberra wine, a French Beaujolais and any of the well-known red varieties that do not have much aging in a barrel are ideal pairings.

On the grill
- Enjoy your beef steak with full body red wines such as a Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, varietal or in a blend, a Greek wine made from Xinomavro, an Argentine Malbec or a Cypriot wine made from Maratheftiko.
- If you are going to cook vegetables on the grill, pair the flavours with light bodied and young, red wines. Try a Pinot Noir, a young Spanish, Italian, Greek wine and, of course, a Cypriot one, whose fruity character will match the sweetness, the vegetables acquire when they are grilled.
- Grilled pork can be combined with a Merlot of the New World (e.g. Chile), a Pinotage from South Africa and of course an Italian Chianti or a Valpolicella.

- Enjoy your red wine with pasta in red sauce. If you do not add meat and if the sauce is a bit spicy, try a Zinfadel, a Grenache or a light and fruity red from South Italy or Sicily. If you add meat eg. for spaghetti bolognese, drink a Chianti, a Brunello di Montalcino and generally a young red wine from the Mediterranean region.

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