Happy Father's Day Dad!

19 June 2016
On Sunday the 19th dads around the world will be celebrated!  So get your kids involved in putting together these 5 quick and easy to make gifts and treat dad to the best day ever!

Have some fun painting stones!

Find some relatively flat smooth stones, wash them properly and let them dry.  Then, bring out the acrylic paints and let your children get creative in painting the stones in whatever which way they want.  Let imaginations run wild! Could be painting dad’s face, a pet or even a simple message like 'Daddy Rocks'! The perfect (and useful – think paperweight) gift for dad's office!

Spice up the BBQ!

It’s summer time and without doubt, your dad is probably out in the garden cooking up some delicious food on the BBQ!  So why not give him a gift that will help him out in serving up those awesome grill flavours.  Visit your closed METRO supermarket and choose a variety of spices that complement meat and grilled vegetables, for e.g. rosemary, thyme, black pepper, mix barbecue, chili, among others.  Place the spice bottles in a basket, tie with a bow and voila, your extra special Father’s Day gift is ready! 


No more lost keys with this key dish!

You know the drill.  Dad enters the house, drops his keys and lose change mindlessly and then ends up forgetting where he’s put either! There’s an easy way of solving this problem – a small dish on the entrance table into which dad can drop his belongings! 
All you will need is a white polystyrene dish (similar to those that you get when you purchase chicken or vegetables). Wash it well and then then give it to your child to paint with acrylic paint! Let them be as creative as they wish! Once dry, the dish is ready to be gifted! 

Funky Cork Coasters!

Football season has begun and your dad is most likely enjoying all the matches on t.v, together with a good old chilled beer!  This normally means those awful ring marks on the table too! This gift will avoid your table been marked – a selection of coasters especially for dad!
You will need a few round or square coasters made from cork, acrylic paints and some masking tape.
Glue strips of the masking tape onto the coasters in different ways and directions so as to create a range of shapes and designs, e.g. a star, a square, a triangle, etc.  Next, get your children to paint the coasters in any colour/s they wish.  Then carefully remove the masking tape and let the coasters dry completely.  A very unique Father’s Day gift!
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