10 Winter pet care tips

26 November 2021

While the first real signs of winter begin, we prepare ourselves by creating cozy corners around our home, buttoning up before leaving the house and doing everything we can to be as comfortable and as healthy as possible, while temperatures drop. 
In the same way, we also need to make sure our beloved four-legged friends are just as prepared and as comfortable as we are, which is why we have prepared a few simple tips to help you keep your pets safe and happy during the upcoming colder months. Read ahead, and add your own ideas to our checklist so you can give them the care and love they need, throughout the winter season. 

  1. Your pets may need a little more food during the winter to keep their calorie intake higher and their energy levels up. 
  2. Make their own cozy indoor corners, with old blankets and pet beds that are warm and comfy, but not too close to your heater.
  3. Try keeping your pets indoors during cold weather and rain. If you must keep them outdoors, make sure they have a sheltered area, with a soft and dry resting space. 
  4. After coming back from a walk, wipe your dog’s paws and think about investing in some special booties, especially when walking after the rain. Also, remember that shorthaired dogs may feel more comfortable in a special sweater during chilly days. 
  5.  As it's getting darker earlier, make sure drivers can see your pets when they are outside. Fit them with a reflective collar or even a neck torch when going for walkies. 
  6. Brush your pets at least once a week but avoid trimming or cutting their hair to keep their winter fur as long and as thick as possible.  
  7. Try keeping stray cats safe as well, by making little shelters with blankets and plastic tubs, and giving them food and water whenever possible. Consider fostering a stray or donating to an animal shelter.  
  8. Warm engines in parked cars attract stray cats and small wildlife. Before starting your car, bang on the hood a couple of times to make sure no one has crawled under it for warmth. 
  9. If you have elderly pets, now might be a good time for an annual check-up. Book a vet visit to make sure they do not have any new medication or dietary needs. 
  10. Buy them new toys and give them your time attention as often as possible. After all, no matter the weather, that’s all they ever really want. 


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