Wrap ‘em up!

23 December 2017

Gift wrapping could be a fun activity to do along with your children. Here are some DIY ideas!




Cookie cutters do double duty this holiday season when they turn into stamps for custom gift wrap. You'll need paint, a roll of craft paper, and cookie cutters in shapes like a Christmas tree, star, and Santa. Then it's time to let your children create! Cookies optional!


Candied presents!

Christmas is the “sweetest” time of the year! Get some dried orange slices, some cinnamon sticks and some Xmas candy stick. Tie them around the ribbon and then carefully wrap the present with it. Make sure the bow, contains a tightly secured set of cinnamon sticks or a Xmas candy stick. Instead of a ribbon you can use a thin garland, place on top of the wrapped present and glue, using a hot glue gun, a xmas candy on top of it.


Name it!

Buy some name tags. Give your children markers, paint or colouring pencils and let them draw on the tags, the initial of the name, the gift is for. You can also buy thick paper, cut the initial and spray on it, like a stencil.


On a beige surface

The plain beige wrapping paper can be a lovely basis to create beautiful xmas gift wrapping creations. Wrap your presents in the beige paper and then you can decorate by gluing different colours of ribbons, or even pine cones, small baubles, xmas candy sticks, wrapped chocolates, garlands and so on. The sky is the limit

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