Sunscreen: SOS

09 July 2014

Whether ivory or ebony, everyone needs to protect his or her skin from the sun. From March to October the sun’s rays are strong enough to warrant protection. Choose natural sunscreen, which reflects the sun’s rays or chemical sunscreen, which absorbs them. Whichever you choose, be sure to get the right amount of protection: SPF 15 for dark skin, SPF 20-30 for medium skin, and SPF 30-50 for fair or sensitive skin. Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before exposure to the sun and every 2 hours afterward.

At all METRO locations the full line of Nivea sunscreen products will be on sale until June 17th. This is a sale so hot you won’t be able to resist! Choose sunscreens to meet the needs of your entire family and enjoy a whopping 40% off! Also, with every purchase of a Nivea sunscreen product, you get a free backpack, in gorgeous summer colors, perfect for the beach!

According to research conducted by the German quality control agency “TEST”, cheap sunscreen brands sold at supermarkets and drug stores outperformed the expensive brands found at cosmetics counters! So, before you get out in the sun pick up some superior sun protection from your local METRO store. 

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