Spring cleaning in the kitchen!

1.Clean up Your Cleaning Supplies
You're going to be less inclined to actually want to clean if you can't find any of your cleaning products. So start by separating spray bottles, then sponges, towels and trash bags containers.
2.Alternate Between Closed and Exposed
We all wish to have had more shelves and cupboards. But since there will always be a lack of closed cupboards, you can store things in both closed and exposed spaces. In exposed spaces, store your prettiest items e.g. cute cookie jar, an antique box storing spices, colored enamel pots and so on. Tuck away in the cabinets the less “attractive” essentials can be tucked away in the cabinets. 
3.Color Coordinate
Clutter just looks more soothing when it's all color-coordinated. Rearrange your stuff according to their colour e.g. shades of blue, or all white items and you'll find it straight-up therapeutic to look at your closet.
4.Use a Label Maker
The best way to sort out your jars that are filled with spices is to label them with a marker.
5.Hang a Whiteboard
The back of a cabinet offers a convenient spot to create a small “To Do” list. Hang a small white board and write there all the things you want to do or buy from the supermarket ΜETRO.
6.Repurpose File Boxes
To prevent clunky water bottles from falling out of the cabinet every time you open the door, store them on their sides using a paper/plastic file rack.
7.Try a Towel Bar
 A hanging bathroom towel bar doubles as a holder for spray bottles when hung over a cabinet door.
8.Store Small Items in Bin
This way, you can pull out the bin to get what you need, instead of having to rifle through the entire cabinet. Just make sure to add a label so you know which bin to grab.
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