SPOOKILY good biscuit deco tips for Halloween

Celebrating Halloween means celebrating all things sweet and munching on terrifyingly good biscuits. While prepping for all things spookily delicious is always fun, it can also be quite a bit of work. Unless of course you follow a few tried and tested deco tips from our very own baking ghouls!  
Keep it clean
We know this should go without saying, but baking cookies can sometimes get messy. Keeping things tidy in the kitchen goes a long way to make the process easier and more fun! Keep a clean workstation, and separate your bowls and trays, to avoid accidentally mixing food dyes or icing.
Cut a small hole in your piping bag.
The piping bag is your most important tool for decorating cookies, so you need to be precise to make your decoration as detailed as possible. To get that detail, you need to cut a hole that is as small as possible. If you have a piping bag with pre-cut tips, always go for the smaller one. If you need to cut a larger hole you can always do that, but you can’t make a large hole smaller. It would be a shame to waste that yummy, delicious icing!
Use both hands when piping.
When decorating your cookies, use one hand to push the icing from the top of the piping bag while holding the bottom of the bag with your other hand. This will help you to make a more detailed design. Remember: precision is what we are going for.
Create a perfect spider web!
On a cookie with white frosting, put a black dot in the middle and three concentric circles around it. Before the black frosting dries, use a toothpick and drag it from the middle to the edge and all the way around. Voila! The perfect spider web! Enjoy the “how did you do that” looks!
Is that a GHOST?!
Ghost-themed cookies are a must. Bake the cookie in the shape of a ghost and then cover it in white frosting. Let it dry overnight and the next day, use a black frosting to draw smiley faces or outline the cookie’s edges to make the design pop out. Who doesn’t love a friendly, edible ghost?
Ooooh, shiny!
If you are baking a cookie in the shape of a bat or a cat, you can add some black sugar on top of your black icing while it is still wet. Remove the excess sugar, and you are good to go! Speaking of making things stand out, you can always add some extra oomph by making your cookies shine!

Have a frighteningly good Halloween everyone!


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