Removing candle wax from your best tablecloth

07 November 2014
It’s not the end of the world...really!
You’ve set the table with your grandmother’s best tablecloth, you know, the one she gave you for your wedding? Yeah, that one! Dinner was a hit, and all your best dishes have been practically licked clean. Just as you’re about to bring out dessert, the expensive candles you bought for the occasion, which were supposed to be no-drip ones, fail to live up to their name. Suddenly your family heirloom turns into a dust rag. Do you flip? No way!
Leave the tablecloth in the freezer overnight so that the wax freezes completely. Then place the cloth on a flat surface and using a spoon or knife, scrape all the wax off that you can. Next, place newspaper or adhesive paper on top and underneath of the stained area. Iron the wax stain and watch as the wax leaves the cloth and melts into the newspaper! Afterwards rub a bit of dish soap into the stain and then wash normally. Repeat process if necessary.
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