Pork Steak with Beer Sauce and Halloumi Cheese

21 October 2014
An explosive taste combination you and your friends will be raving about for weeks to come.
4 tbsp olive oil
6 pork steaks (neck pieces)
2 onions, sliced in rounds
4 colorful peppers, sliced
200g white mushrooms, sliced
salt & pepper
1 cup blond beer
1 cube chicken bouillon, in easily dissolvable gel form
200g halloumi cheese, cut into cubes
Using the olive oil, brown the pork steaks in a frying pan. Remove the steaks and add the onions, sautéing them until they are caramelized. Then add the peppers and the mushrooms to the pan. Sprinkle on salt, pepper and thyme and sauté. Put the steaks back in the pan, add more salt and pepper to them and pour on the beer. Spread the bouillon on top of the steaks. The heat will cause it to melt like icing. 
Once the bouillon is fully melted, place the halloumi cheese on top of the steaks and cover the pan to allow cheese to melt. 
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