24 June 2022
Prep time
5 minutes
Total time
30 minutes

8 cups water
8 tbsp, full, niseste (corn starch)
For serving
Syrup with rose scent
Distilled rose petals


In a bowl, add plenty of cold water and sink 10-12 dessert or soup plates in it. Put the niseste in a bowl and add 2 cups of water. Stir with a metal whisk until the niseste dissolves. In a non-stick pot put the rest of the water (6 cups) and let it boil. Then, add the niseste mixture little-by-little and stir with a silicone whisk. Reduce the heat at medium and let the mahalepi boil for 15-20 minutes. The more we leave it boiling, the more white and firm it will be. Stir occasionally. Don’t worry, it will not stick.
Strain the water off the plates (without wiping them). In them, add 1-2 soup spoons of the mahalepi mixture and let it cool down well, for 2-3 hours. Place it in the fridge until it cools. To prevent a crust from forming, add a bit of cold water on top. If we wish, we can remove the mahalepi from the plates and add it in a big bowl with water. We just need to add some cold water on top of the mahalepi, press it around until it falls off the plate and place it into the big bowl with the cold water. Serve the mahalepi and let each person add their preferred amount of syrup with rose scent, distilled rose petals and sugar.


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