Let’s Party!

17 June 2018

Create a theme!

A theme is a useful tool when it comes to designing a kid’s party. It means you can be more adventurous with your decoration and entertainment. Be sure to consider the location before deciding on the theme. The joy of a garden party is that there is plenty of outside space to encourage children to be active and run around. There can be lots of places to hide away, create treasure hunts and hidden areas they can discover throughout the party. The themes can range from ideas such as “Pirates”, “Animal Kingdom” to ideas around their favorite action heroes.

Make it exciting from the start

Your invitations will be the first hint of the party for your guests so make sure these suit your theme and, for a more unique touch, how about sending an object invite to really stand out from the rest such as a small animal figurine for “Animal Kingdom” theme or an eye patch for the “Pirate” theme!

Theme your food

This is the final touch to your themed party. Children are usually too excited to eat at parties but, when the food looks amazing as well as tasting delicious, there is never any leftovers! To theme your food, you can use for example, shaped cookie cutters for the sandwiches, stencils for cake icing and themed bunting, flags, signs for other decoration. Food boxes are another great option for garden summer parties. You can buy themed ones and fill them with the food the kids will eat. Immediately this adds to the general theme of the party. Please note, that party food also needn’t be heavy and unhealthy.

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