It’s Springtime!

Spring is finally here! So let’s begin early and prepare our garden for the glorious blossoming days ahead!

About a month before planting, clean up your garden area:

  • Clear out leaves and fallen branches from your flower beds. If you compost, go ahead and add the leaves to the compost;
  • Remove any unwanted pests such so that they don't get at your plants.This can be achieved by using chemical pesticides (biological or not) or by using natural remedies. For example, mix baking soda and water in a water bottle and spray with that the affected areas of your plants for a few days, to fight fungal diseases.

Once the soil is dry enough, you’re ready to break it up. If you planted cover crops, be sure to start working the soil several weeks before planting in order to mix in the cover crops so they have time to decompose in the soil

Add whatever nutrients you need to in order to create a nutrient-rich environment for plants.

Next, clean your gardening tools as they may carry bugs or diseases. Give them a good scrub ensuring they don't have a chance to infect your plants. If they need sharpening, do so.

Read up on what kind of plants you're getting in your garden.Some plants do not play nice with others, and will take up an entire plot. Plan your garden plot on paper so you know exactly where everything will grow.

Now you are ready to buy your seeds, or crops and plant them! Enjoy your spring garden!

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