It's Halloween o'clock!

28 October 2018

Whether you’ re planning a Halloween party at home or you just you want to get into the Halloween spirit, these amazing bats will look great in your house!

You will need

  • 4 toilet rolls
  • Black construction paper 10Χ10cm and another one, size 30Χ30cm for the details
  • Peach construction paper 0Χ10cm and another one, size 30Χ30cm for the details
  • Red construction paper 10Χ10cm and another one, size 30Χ30cm for the details
  • Turquoise construction paper 10Χ10cm and another one, size 30Χ30cm for the details
  • White construction paper size 30Χ30cm for the details
  • 4 knitting threats in the above mentioned colors, about 1m length each
  • Glue, speed fix, pencil, ruler, scissors


  1. First of all, make the color combinations (see photo). We suggest specific colors (black, peach, red and turquoise) but you can choose the combos you want e.g. pumpkin orange, more red, green and so on.
  2. On the white paper, draw the details e.g. the eyes (a bat can have only one eye or...more!), they eyeballs, teeth in different sizes (see the photo for inspiration). Make sure that the size of the details is in proportion to the roll perimeter. Using scissors, cut these parts.
  3. Draw on the 30X30cm pieces the rest of the details e.g. the wings, bigger eyes and cut them.
  4. The 10x10cm will be used to “dress up” the bats. Each toilet roll is about 9, 5 cm in height. Roll around each one the paper you want, glue it and cut the paper that sticks out. This it the body.
  5. Next to each body, place the details e.g. the teeth, the different eyes and eyeballs and wings. It is important to do your combination before you begin to glue the different parts. Let your imagination free and do and color and shape combos you want!
  6. When you do the combos, glue the various parts on the body. If you glue something, and it’s not positioned correctly, worry not! It’s Halloween and all kinds of animals and little monsters are allowed! Let the bats dry.
  7. Concerning the wings, fold the edges about ½ cm and glue this part on the body.
  8. Choose the color of threat for each bat. The length of the threat depends on where you are going to hang the bat from, so adjust accordingly.
  9. Attach the edge of the glue inside the bat, using a speed fix.

The scary bats are ready!

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