How to Teach Your Pet to Eat Right

23 December 2014
A pet’s eating habits are developed early on, and require training in order for them to be good ones. Just like little kids, pets need to be taught which foods are good to eat and which foods aren’t.
First of all, don’t break your back cooking special meals for your pet. If you do, what usually ends up happening is your pet will pick through the food and eat only the meat! It’s best to just feed them a store bought pet food engineered for their appropriate stage of life, and nothing else.
Be sure to follow the particular food’s guidelines for feeding amounts. Remember that the amount you’re supposed to feed your pet varies depending on its size.
Make sure you provide each pet with its very own food dish in its very own spot in your home, along with a bowl of fresh water that’s always available to your pet. Feed your pet at the same times every day. If you need to change your pet’s food, do it slowly in stages, mixing the new food in so that your pet transitions easily. When switching pet foods, be sure not to give your pet treats in between meals. 
Obviously, never force-feed your pet. This is just plain abusive. Most importantly, you should never bother your pet while it eats. For animals, as well as for humans, dinnertime is a very special time indeed, and everybody prefers to dine in peace. 
Unless you want your pet bothering YOU while you eat, don’t give them table scraps during your meal. It just loads them up with unnecessary calories and teaches them to beg. If you can’t stand those “puppy dog eyes” then just put them out of the room while you eat. 
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