How to get your kids to eat fruits and vegetables

17 September 2014
All too often kids tend to be picky eaters. But they’ve got to get their recommended daily servings to grow up healthy and strong, and we’ve got the way! Check out these great tips to make your kids more willing to “eat their greens”. 
  • Monkey see, monkey do! If your plate is loaded up with fruit and veggies, then chances are your kids’ plates will be too. Our little ones love to copy us, so be sure you’re being a good role model for them to emulate. 


  • Take them shopping at METRO. Let your kids pick out the fruit and vegetables they want to eat, that are the prettiest color, or that smell the best. Look for tasty recipes together, teach them how to peel or wash the fruit or vegetable themselves, and then plant the seeds from the food your child eats in pots on the balcony so you can have your own production! These things help bring your child closer to that particular fruit or vegetable and will over time, foster a love for that food in your child.


  • Display your fruit and veggies in pretty fruit bowls or baskets in your kitchen or dining room. Making fruit and veggies a decorative focal point in your home will draw your children’s attention to them and spark their interest.


  • Buy games and books with fruit and vegetable characters or themes. Knowledge is power, but also entertainment!


  • Create fun designs or scenes on your plate! Who says you shouldn’t play with your food? Make mealtime more fun by arranging those “hard to swallow” foods into edible works of art!


  • Spruce up your fruit. Before serving, be sure to cut off all bad spots from the peaches, shine up those apples and rinse off those grapes! Mix them all up in a yummy fruit salad, or add them to yogurt or cereal.


  • Choose fruit and vegetables that are in season. When produce is in season, it tastes so much better! The better it tastes, the more likely your picky little eater is to eat it! You can make learning which fruits and veggies are in season each month into a game! What a fun way to learn such useful information.
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