Homemade Mozzarella Pizza

17 September 2014
For the Dough:
250g all purpose flour, sifted
180ml water, roughly
1 ½ tsp dry yeast
1 tsp olive oil
1 pinch salt
½ tsp sugar
For the Toppings:
6 balls or 6 slices mozzarella
2 large tomatoes or 6-7 cherry tomatoes
½ cup water
1 ½ tsp tomato paste
fresh basil for garnish, cut into strips with scissors
In a large bowl, or in your mixer, add the flour and a small amount of the water as you stir. Next add the yeast, olive oil, salt and sugar. Mix well. Work the dough until it no longer sticks to the sides of the bowl or to your hands. You may need to add a touch more water or flour. Form the dough into a large ball, set in bowl and cover with a dry towel. Leave at room temperature to rise.
As the dough is rising, work on the tomato sauce. In a pot, grate the tomatoes and add the water and the tomato paste. Mix with a wooden spoon and boil until it homogenizes, stirring off and on.
Roll out the dough and fit to a large well greased pizza pan or into small personal pizza pans. Cover the pizza with plenty of tomato sauce. Cut the mozzarella and arrange atop the entire pizza, careful to not leave too much space between pieces. Bake the pizza at 200°C for 20’-25’. The thicker the crust you are making, the longer the pizza will take to cook. Once the pizza is finished and out of the over, garnish with fresh basil leaves.
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