Homemade Holiday Candle Holders Your Kids will Love to Create.

So you’ve been hoarding little glass vases, jars and containers of every color all year long. You knew they’d come in handy some day. Well that day is today, and your kids will be the first to thank you!
Glass vases, jars or containers of every shape, size and color
Colorful string, ribbon, yarn, stickers, glass markers, glass glue, paper cut outs, stencils, salt, sticks, small branches, dried berries, nuts, leaves, bark, colorful stones, beads, glitter, rhinestones, sequins...(whatever decorative item your little heart desires)
Tealights, votive candles and/or pillar candles
The myriad glass containers you’ve overzealously hoarded over the year can now finally be put to use as festive holiday decorations your whole family will love. This is an activity the entire family can join in, and is one where the unsurpassable imagination of children will surely be an asset. 
Note: When decorating your candle holders be sure to leave a safe distance between the decorations and the location of the candle flames. 
Here are a few of our ideas.
1. This is our easiest and arguably the funnest candle holder. Choose your largest and roundest glass container. Fill it 1/3 of the way up with salt, and place a votive or pillar candle in the center. Decorate the surface of the salt with sand, beads, shells, or shiny stars to make it look like an underwater wonderland.
2. Thread some beads, or other decorations on a colorful string, ribbon or piece of yarn. Wrap that string several times around the top of a glass container, vase or jar and tie tightly. You can even glue other decorations like nuts or berries onto the string or onto the glass itself. Place a candle inside and let there be light!
3. Get your kids to draw shapes onto a piece of paper and then cut them out to create their own stencils. You can also use store bought stencils for younger children. Place these paper cut outs onto the surface of the glass containers of your choice and use glass markers to either trace the outline of the shapes, color them in entirely, or decorate the inside of the shapes with dots or other designs and colors. Add stickers if you like, or even glue on paper cut outs to the outside of the glass for a textured look. Add a candle to the jar, and watch as the light changes color as it glows through your kiddies’ decorations!
4. Take a walk in the woods and collect items from nature like sticks, bark, rocks, feathers, nuts, etc. Using glass glue, affix these items to your glass containers in a decorative way. Place tealights inside, and presto! Alternatively, you can create a beautiful centerpiece by placing these items on a circular wooden tray and adding pillar or votive candles of various heights to the center. 
5. Our simplest idea is to fill large wide rimmed glass containers with water, and add different color food coloring to each. Then throw in various decorative items, some that float and some that sink, and lastly add some floating candles, light them, and viola! 
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