Home safety for our pets

What's more wonderful than owning pets! An ideal companion, they make our everyday life more playful and, most importantly of all, they offer us joy and love! However, it is important to make our home, as safe as possible, for them. We give you some tips and ideas that you can follow in order to do that.

The most common hazards for a pet are: household cleaners, fertilizers and plant food, batteries, sharp objects, small items, rat poison and traps, prescription and over the counter medicines, hair and office clips and poisonous liquids. You can protect your pet from these risks by following these steps:

1. The kitchen
Remove from the stalls, anything from the above list especially if you have a cat that can easily climb. If you own small puppies you can install a small door so they cannot enter the room. If, on the other hand, you have a very smart animal, it would be wise to clock – with a simple child lock - the kitchen cabinets well!

2. Washing machine and dishwasher
Our animals tend to sleep in unusual places, such as the washing machine and the dishwasher. Since we keep the machine door open, to avoid mold, before doing the washing, it would be wise to check if there is a pet hiding inside!

3. The toilet
Toilet water is particularly dangerous for our animals, since when we clean the toilet, we use various antiseptic liquids and other cleansers. To protect your pet, make sure, the toilet lid is always closed.

4. Rooms with electrical appliances
In the living room, the bedroom, the office and wherever your pet can "hide" to sleep, keep the electric cables securely, placing them high or in boxes, so that they do not chew or get tangled with them and thus be danger of being electrocuted.

5. Small objects
Whether it's children's toys, pens, pencils or small tools, there is a risk that our pet will swallow them. Try to keep them in boxes when you are away from home or when you are not in the room.

6. The garden and the terrace
Being able to have a nice and blooming garden and at the same time own a dog or a cat is always a tricky situation!  You can have both, though, by covering the soil in the plants with a thick net, pieces of decorative wood or stones so that they do not dig or pee inside. Your plants will be grateful! Second, and very important, if you have toxic plants, it is good to put a safety net around them so that the pets do not approach to chew the leaves and are at risk of poisoning.

7. Room temperature & clean water
It is important to keep the place they sleep or rest, whether this is their small house in the yard, our living room, bedroom and so on, warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Make sure they have clean water, so during the day, refill the bowl and keep it clean.

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