For you, dear mom!

12 May 2019

This nature-themed bookmark craft for kids is so simple to make and is perfect as a gift for mom on Mother’s Day. Children will enjoy the process of pressing flowers and leaves and then using the natural materials to create all kinds of designs for their homemade bookmarks!


You will need:

Various leaves and flowers

Cardstock ( cut it in the measurements you wish e.g. 4cm (w) X 15 cm ( H)



Contact paper or laminator

Single hole punch

Yarn, string



  • First of all you will need some pressed leaves and flowers. Go to your garden or backyard and pick some small flowers and leaves. Press your flowers and leaves by placing them inside the pages of a thick book for 3-4 days. Once your flowers and leaves are pressed and dry, carefully remove them from the book.
  • Cut some cardstock the size you’d like your bookmark to be. You can choose the colour you like but it is preferably to go with light colours e.g. white, being, light pink and so on.
  •  Use your pressed flowers and leaves to make a design on your cardstock. Once you’re happy with the design, lightly attach the flowers and leaves to your bookmark with a glue stick.
  • To protect the flowers and leaves you can cover your bookmark with clear contact paper.Trim off the excess plastic.
  • Now you can add some extra details. One idea is to use a small single punch hole to punch holes around the border of the bookmark. Then thread some yarn or string around the border and tie it off at the bottom. Or you can just punch a single hole at the top and tie a nice ribbon around it.
  • Ready!
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