For you, dad!

19 June 2020

A pencil holder made exclusively from Legos


You will need

1 8X8 Lego plate, any colour 

A number of white 1x6s, 1x4s, and 1x2s Legos

A number of any colour you like 1x6s, 1x4s, and 1x2s Legos


First, build up the white part to two bricks high. Then, put on the chosen color and repeat the process until the box is at the desired height, for example at six bricks high. Next, add some tiles to give it a nice touch. Finally, put the 6x6 tile onto the bottom of the plate.



A cup and a mustache!

An easy and humorous gift for dad! 

You will need
1 cup in your dad’s favorite color
1 permanent marker (with a sharp tip) and black paint/gel in black that can specifically be used on porcelain
1 fine paint brush

First, use your permanent marker to draw a mustache at the top of the cup.  Then, fill in the mustache with your paint/gel using a fine paint brush.  You may need to repeat this a couple of times as it will take a few coats to get to the look you are after. Finally, as per the instructions on your paint bottle, bake in the oven for the stipulated time period.  And there you have it, an awesome cup from which your dad can enjoy his favorite cup of tea or coffee!



Wine Cork Key Chains

You will need
Wine Cork
Split Rings
Screw Eyes
Paints in any combination of colours you want

First of all, paint the cork in any way you want e.g. half colour, half natural, full colour with stripes etc. As long as these are dad’s favorite colours. Twist a screw eye into one end of a cork. Attach a split ring to the loop of the screw eye to create the keychain. Ready!


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