Extra Cheesy Grilled Cheese

21 October 2014
This ain’t your run of the mill cheese sandwich. This is a work of art!
2 slices of sandwich bread
unsalted butter
your favorite shredded cheese (gouda, edam, cheddar, etc.)
cayenne pepper (optional)
Lightly butter both sides of both slices of bread. Put one slice of bread in a non-stick frying pan. Cover the entire face of the slice of bread with a good-sized layer of shredded cheese. Put the second slice of bread on top of the cheese, effectively closing the sandwich. Toast the bread in the pan on a medium flame for about 3’ or until the bottom becomes golden brown. Flip the sandwich with a spatula and brown the other side. The cheese should be nice and gooey at this point. Remove the sandwich from the pan and set aside.
Sprinkle a good-sized layer of shredded cheese in the pan about the same surface area of the slice of bread. Set the sandwich on top of the cheese and add more shredded cheese to cover the top of the sandwich. Let it sit for about a minute, frying the bottom until it’s lightly golden and the cheese on the top is melted. Then carefully flip and fry the other side. Sprinkle on a little cayenne pepper if desired. Let it cool for a minute or two before you dig in or else you’ll burn your tongue somethin’ fierce! 
Tip: dip your grilled cheese sandwich in ketchup, Tabasco sauce, or even chutney! Grilled cheese also goes excellently with tomato soup!
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