Countdown to the Holiday Season

25 November 2018

A month before Christmas Day and five weeks before New Year's Eve, we are all slowly entering the Christmas season. To help you get organised, we have prepared a list of things that you can do during these five weeks.


5 weeks before (last week of November)

- Clean your freezer.

- Start organizing the living room and the dining room. Throw away unnecessary magazines and store any items you will not need during the next month.

-Do a good general cleaning of the house.

- If you have friends or relatives staying with you during the holiday season, find the extra covers and bed sheets and freshen them up.

Take the tablecloths and napkins you will need for the various meals and dinners to the cleaner.

4 weeks before (1st week of December)
- Write and send out your Christmas cards to friends and relatives abroad.

- Buy ornaments, lights and / or tree.

- Decorate the house!

- If you plan to organize some dinners or meals, it is now a good time to announce it to friends and relatives that you will invite so they can put it in their schedule.

- Start researching your Christmas and New Year's Eve menus.

-If you are going to make a traditional English Christmas pudding, beginning this week, start preparing it in order to be able to infuse it with brandy every week and at the same time let it mature for at least 3 weeks.

3 weeks before (2nd week of December)
-Order your meat and seafood from METRO Supermarkets the meat and seafood you will need for your dinners. If you are going to have the traditional Christmas cake, order it too from a confectionary.

-Now is the time to start enjoying Christmas movies to get into the mood!

-Invite friends at home for coffee and cake before the holidays and the fuss begin.

2 weeks before (3 weeks of December)
-Buy gifts and / or wrapping paper and ribbons.

-Bake the traditional xmas pastries, melomakarona, kourampiedes and foinikota!

-Buy wine from the wine cellar of the METRO Supermarkets.

-Clean your refrigerator. There has to be some room for the turkey and the rest of the food right?

-Do a general cleaning of the house.

- As, this year, Christmas is on Monday and Tuesday,  Sunday of this week, set the table for the Christmas or Christmas Eve. See our previous post for decorating ideas!

1 week before (Christmas Week)

-If you’re throwing a party on New Year's Eve or a lunch on New Year’s Day, right after Christmas Day, start making preparations.

- If you are going to throw party on New Year's Eve, buy from Wine Cellar METRO, the wines and spirits you will need! And why not, improvise, get the ingredients and get ready to serve cocktails!

- Order meat, seafood, cheeses and whatever else you need for those days from METRO Supermarkets. Visit METRO Supermarkets to get the rest of ingredients for your menus.

-Buy any last minute gifts.

-Do not forget to enjoy wonderful festive moments with your family and friends!

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