Cat People Vs Dog People: 10 fun differences!

13 October 2017
Do you have a dog or a cat? Many surveys have shown that cat owners have some basic differences in their character and behavior from dog owners! And they are very fun! Here’s 10 of them!
1.The sense of duty
How many times have you told your dog to do something e.g. to fetch the ball, to be prudent, to obey and do it? A lot. How many times has this happened with your cat? None. The sense of duty, obedience and discipline that dogs have, and not cats, is according to their research, characteristics that dog owners have more than cat owners!
2. Extraversion and sociability
Another survey says this is typical of dog owners! They are open to experiences, positive and energetic. On the other hand, cats - and obviously their owners - feel comfortable, in the warmth of their home, they have their favorite corner and when they go out, they are eager to return home, in their intimate environment!
3. Creativity
 In the above survey, cat owners were 11% more likely to be open to new experiences, with artistic personalities, and to think unconventionally!
4. Curiosity
The saying "Curiosity killed the cat" is not a coincidence! With each sound, sign of movement, the cat will run to explore it. Many times, causing accidents, to themselves and to objects. Dogs have a natural curiosity, but at more controlled levels! Surveys say that curiosity is a natural feature of most cat owners!
5. Kindness
Dog owners have over 10% chance of being altruistic, kind-hearted, affectionate and trusted. If you disagree, think of all the times that you told your cat not  to hurt your plants or not to scratch the furniture and never listened you. A lot of them, right?
6. Independence
Guess, for which animal we refer to! Cats are among the most independent animals. Their nature is to be independent and autonomous. Just the opposite of our favorite dogs, who are more dependent on people and are always beside them. Similar surveys show that cat owners are more independent and autonomous. If you travel often, if you are away from home for many hours, you are a pure cat-person!
7. Stubbornness
Have you tried to punish your cat after they did something bad? Probably. Have they tried to do it again? Of course, since cats are whimsical beings! And the surveys say that their owners are stubborn like that, compared to the more "mild" dog owners!
8. Loneliness
Surveys indicate that cat owners are 30% more likely to live alone in an apartment and be more independent. This makes sense, since cats are as we mentioned earlier, more autonomous than dogs, do not need a daily walk and they like to relax in their place without seeking companionship - only when they want it!
9. Sensitivity
Can you guess which of the two categories has this feature more? Cat owners! The research clearly states that they are more sensitive, without this being considered bad. It is in fact an attribute equally suited to the most introverted, creative character of those whose  pets are our favorite felines.
10. Energy, energy, energy!
In this characteristic, dogs owners can not prevail! They have been shown to have more energy, as dogs naturally need their daily walk and are always ready for games!
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