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04 September 2020

Re-adjust your sleep

When returning from vacation, be sure to reset your sleep schedule. Start sleeping earlier to get as much rest as possible. For better quality sleep, try to have the right conditions in the bedroom. Make sure that there is not too much light, with curtains or blinds that create a good blackout,  fresh air goes into the room at night and of course stay away from the bright screens of mobile phones, tablets and TVs just before going to bed. Good and quality sleep will help your body change pace more smoothly and help you return you to the demanding daily routine.

Prepare from the night before

In order not to run around in the morning, it is good to plan from the evening. Set the clothes you will wear in the office, if you will go to the gym after work, prepare your bag, program your coffee maker so that as soon as you wake up you will have freshly brewed coffee and write in your agenda your “To Do” list for the next day.

Try to pack healthy snacks to carry with you throughout the day. Think things like fruit, chopped vegetable sticks with hummus, or boiled eggs. These things require minimal preparation, but will keep you satisfied and stabilise your blood sugar levels – meaning you’ll be less likely to reach for sugary, less healthy options you might have become accustomed to over the holidays. Also, stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as lean proteins and healthy fats. Keeping these items in your kitchen means you’re much more likely to choose healthy alternatives.

Drink more water

 No big secret here, but often when we’re out of our element and routine we totally forget to drink water. Grab a water bottle (500ml and more) and keep it stocked with high-quality room temperature water, and drink. Room temperature water is not only easier to drink, but it’s better for your body to handle too. Note, that If you really need to hydrate, drink coconut water or add some electrolytes to your water bottle. Finally, start your day with warm lemon water to really kick-start the hydration process.



Get into a work ou routine

If you’ve taken a long time off of fitness, then plan to start back with some power-walking, light jogging and easy intervals. Do not book a hard-core class as your first workout back after a break. You will not feel so good during or after that workout, so plan to ease back in. Instead, plan out a few workouts for the first week and stick to them.

Do not punish yourself

Do not plan to starve yourself, do a juice cleanse or eat only salads for every meal. Just because you’ve been eating a lot of junk lately, doesn’t mean you should suddenly do a juice cleanse or eat only salad or skip meals, to lose a few pounds and de-bloat. That’s going to set you up for a binge or rebound. Instead, plan to eat big healthy meals, which are totally satisfying and leave room for tiny treats here and there, and salads may be part of that equation.

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