3 Dates to take Mom on!

Mother’s Day is the one day of the year dedicated to showing our Moms how much we love and appreciate them for all that they have done. I mean really, where would any of us be without our Moms? Our mothers have always been there for us, which is why on this special day, it is our turn to be there for them, and make their day, or any day for that matter, special. If you haven’t planned anything yet, we have thought of some perfect dates that both you and Mom will enjoy:


Mani and Pedi



A Mani Pedi date is one you can take Mom on without fail. Any time of year is a great time for a manicure and pedicure, but especially, around Mother’s Day, where Mom will probably be in need of one right before her first trip to the beach, or for the season’s first out door outings. It’s always fun to get pampered, but even more so when you do it with Mom. 


Garden together




Gardening with Mom is a date that can be done one-on-one, or a date the whole family can join in on! All Mothers love their home gardens to be fresh and full with their favourite flowers of the season. So, it is our job to give them that! Before the date, make sure to double check that you have everything you need for your date (gardening tools, soil, etc.) Once you have all of the essentials, take Mom to a flower market, and help her pick out her favourite flowers (If you know them before hand, it might even be better to surprise her with them!) Then, head back to her garden, and help her plant her oasis! This day will last beyond the time you spent together, as every time Mom looks back at her Garden, she will think of how you made it, together.


Homemade happy hour




That’s right! Skip happy hour with the gang this week, bring the drinks to your place, and instead, enjoy happy hour with your best girlfriend of them all- Mom! Your mother will be a friend for life- someone you can confide in, someone you can laugh with, and someone you will always learn from. Happy Hour is already a time of bonding, but especially, when you get to make your happy hour drinks together. If you aren’t sure what you can make, try some of our delicious homemade cocktails such as our Cherry Liqueur, our Healthy Ginger Beer, or our delicious Bourbon Sours!

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