Fully-renovated METRO Larnaca Opens Its Doors

Fully-renovated METRO Larnaca Opens Its Doors
Full renovated METRO Larnaca welcomes you to a new shopping experience!
METRO Larnaca, the first branch of the METRO supermarket chain to operate in Cyprus, invites you to visit its fully-revamped, renovated space.  
With over 34 year’s presence in Larnaca, this is the fourth renovation that the supermarket has undergone.  METRO Larnaca has become a renowned landmark in the city of Larnaca, and has through the years forged a tight bond and strong relationship with each visitor to the store.
Post-renovation, the supermarket now features two levels, 14 check-out points and 90 staff members, making for a fully modernized distinct shopping experience.
Shopping is now more comfortable and enjoyable what with the supermarket’s new carefully configured, more practically designed aisles and placement of products on shelves.  The newly refurbished in-store cafeteria now offers a selection of delicious hot meals, fresh salads and sandwiches, daily, and the wine cellar offers a great selection of wines with fully-trained staff on hand to assist you with choosing a good vintage.
Visit METRO Larnaca for a fantastic and new shopping experience!

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