Which is the Right Wine for Fish?

White wine is usually the best choice when dining on fish, but sometimes a rose or a red can work too!
It’s true that when we think about eating fish we imagine white wine going with it nicely. However, not all fish has the same flavor or texture, and many times you’ll find that the best wine to go with your fishy fare is in fact one less commonly consumed! 
As a rule, fish is divided into 4 categories; check them out to find out which wine to choose for which fish!
1. Fish, which are lean and flaky, such as sea bass or perch, are best paired with white wines with a zesty refreshing flavor, and a cool aroma to balance their delicate fish flavor without over-powering it.
2. Medium textured fish with thicker skin and a more robust flavor, such as trout, grouper and cod, goes best with medium bodied and highly aromatic whites as well as full-bodied whites aged in oak casks.
3. Meaty fish, which is firm with thick skin, and a more steak like texture, such as tuna, salmon, swordfish or monkfish, is best paired with wine which can hold its own against such robust flavor. Choose a rich, full flavored white wine or even a select few red or rose wines.
4. Salty fish with a very strong aroma and a bold sea flavor, such as anchovies, sardines, mackerel or herring, need to be paired with wines which possess an intense and complex aroma.
TIP: Raw fish goes best with dry white or sparkling wines, and smoked fish, such as trout or salmon, goes best with a dry white or rose.
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