Time to freshen up your Closet!

Create a space

Either on the floor, or on the bed, make sure you have a big space to place, first of all a big pile of all of your clothes and secondly, a place to separate what you want or don’t.


Once you have all the clothes out of the drawers and closet, make categories: Items you want to keep for next winter, seasonal items – don’t forget that April is a transitional month, so you will need light jackets, sweaters around – and of course the items you will say goodbye too!

Follow the “two-year rule”

An old time classic: if you haven’t worn it in two years, what makes you think you are going to wear it now? There are of course exceptions, for example that formal dress you wear in very special occasions but haven’t worn it in some time. You will probably wear it again.

Fill three boxes

Don’t just throw things out. Separate unwanted clothing into three piles: toss, donate to charity, give to friends. It’s easier to let go of clothing when you know that it will go to someone in need. There is also the idea of selling an item, either to another person, a second-hand shop or even online.

Store winter clothes

Winter clothes are bulky. Pack them away into vacuum bags, lay them flat in your drawers or use a spare bedroom closet.


Prepare your closet and drawers. Clean them out, vacuum and buy new containers and boxes for shoes and foldable clothes. Don’t forget to buy or create anti-moth items e.g. soaps, lavender sachets etc., to place inside drawers or hang in the closets.


Put the clothes and shoes you use and wear regularly within reach. Categorize clothing by category or group, for example, items of similar color or pants, jeans, casual shirts, blouses and so on.

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