Storing your summer clothes

31 October 2017
With the gradual change of weather, it is time to store our summer clothes for the next few months. We give you tips, how to do it so that they stay intact until the next summer!
1. Wash all your clothes
Do not make the mistake of storing them without washing them first, thinking that you will not wear them for several months. Put everything in the washing machine, take the ones you need in the cleaner and keep them clean. Important, make sure the clothes are completely dry. You will protect them from bacteria and mοths.
2. Avoid plastic laundry bags
The clothes that you have taken to the cleaner’s and you have taken back on the hangers and in their plastic bag, when they are to store them, remove them from these bags. You may think that by letting the bag over you protect them, but the truth is that the bag prevents the clothes from being ventilated, so the moist air is trapped inside and germs are growing.
3. Buy storage boxes
After washing and folding your clothes thoroughly, place them in an airtight storage box. Make sure, however, that there is a small gap between the lid and the clothes, so that the air circulates between the clothes, thus preventing the growth of dust and germs. Delicate clothes, for example silk, lace, etc., are best stored in cotton bags.
4. Buy Potpourri!
Once you've put your clothes in the right boxes, you can place in between them, potpourri sachets that contain lavender, rosemary and even the special tablets available on the market, protecting thus your clothes from moths and other parasites.
5.  Place your stored clothes in the right location
Do not put your stored clothes in the garage or basement because of mildew, or even in areas exposed to sunlight, as the garments may fade. Place them in a clean, dry and dark place with good ventilation.
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