Oh Xmas... deco and gifs!

06 December 2019
1) Xmas jar snow globe
You will need:
  • Empty jars, as round as possible. Keep the lid.
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors
  • Bottlebrush Christmas tree, snowman or other miniatures. Make sure they can fit into the jar
  • Glitter in any colour you wish e.g. golden, silver, red and green, blue and so on
  • Xmas ribbons (optional)
How to:
Make sure your lid, closes well into the jar. Glue your tree and other miniatures to the inner base of the lid. Add your glitter to the jar. Fill the jar with warm water. Flip your tree lid over, slide the tree into the jar, and seal. You can hot glue it closed if you’d prefer. If you want to, tie a ribbon around the external side of the lid. Then flip over and shake gently to combine the water, glue, and glitter and you have an adorable festive jar snow globe!
2) A jar filled with the ingredients for xmas cookies
A gift, simple to make, yet quite impressive
You will need
  • A big jar
  • Ingredients for biscuits, measured
  • Ribbon and any other decorative items e.g. tree twigs, cloth with festive design to cover the lid.
  • Twine
  • Scissors
How to:
Wash the jar thoroughly. Find all the ingredients for the biscuits and measure them. Add them, one by one into the jar, starting at the base with the flour or sugar. Add the rest of ingredients to create layers. Seal the jar and decorate the lid with the items you wish. A good idea is to write on paper the recipe and attach it to the lid too.
3) Lamp in a jar
A very easy DIY item that you will a truly wonderful festive note to your space.
You will need:
  • Jars (you don’t need lids) in different sizes
  • Light chains
  • Decorative items such as balls, tree twigs, sugar canes
How to:
Firstly, place the light chains into the jars. Then place the tree twigs, other deco items and finally the sugar canes. 
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