Oh Summer wines!

White Wines

Summer is the ideal time to enjoy white wine. From simple whites to more complex ones, they are perfect to accompany summer flavours or to be enjoyed own their own.
Whites on the ... veranda: Try varieties such as Moschofilero, Malagousia and the Cypriot variety MorokanelLa. Enjoy these wines on their own  or with fruit.
Whites for ... food: Try Xynisteri wines, Assyrtiko, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay etc. Ideal to accompany  fish, seafood, white meats, salads, white cheeses and seafood pasta.

Serve white wines at 10-12C..
After serving, keep them in ice bucket with water and ice.
Beware - we do not want the wine to be too cold, as it will lose its aromas 

Rosé Wines 

The wonderful rosé wines with the fantastic color and the fruity flavours are ideal for the hot summer nights. Drink:
Rosé in salmon color: Pair it with fruit, light creamy desserts and even with some seafood, such as scallops and clams with little or no sauce.
Pink with ruby ​​color: More "robust" wines are ideal to accompany Cypriot and Greek mezze as well as tapas. 

Like whites, serve them at 10-12C and keep them in ice bucket with some water and ice. 

Red Wines 

Of course you can enjoy red wine in the summer! There is specific category to taste, the red wines with little or no barrel ageing. These wines are "soft", with moderate body and fruity flavours.
These reds can accompany  meat on the charcoal, barbecue and pasta with red sauces. 

Before serving the red wine, put it in the refrigerator for half an hour to lower its temperature down to about 14-16C. No need to keep it in an ice bucket.

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