Mother Nature’s Air freshener- Plants!

18 April 2017
Instead of trying to ventilate your home with scented candles and air fresheners, try the air cleanser of mother nature-plants! Part of a plants photosynthesis process is their ability to absorb gases in the air through the pores they have on their leaves. In fact, scientists have discovered that indoor plants are very helpful in eliminating some of the everyday gases that are trapped inside our homes, known as the very common VOC’S (volatile organic compounds), such as Benze, and Formaldehyde. These toxins are found in popular products we can find in pretty much any home, from makeup, to cleaning products, fabric, cigarette smoke, plastic, and many more.  Having plants in the house will not only purify the air within your home, but will also serve as a calming agent and quite frankly, lovely décor. More importantly, they will improve the air quality within your home, which will improve your health overall, and help you and your family members prevent common illnesses that can be a direct cause of these toxins. So, now that you have heard the extraordinary benefits of house plants, get ready to decorate your home with these green, leafy purifiers: 
In door house plants: 
Rubber Plant
rubber plant
Japanese Fern
japanese fern
Boston Fern
boston fern
English Ivy
Aloe Vera
aloe vera
Peace lilies
Areca Palm
Bamboo Palm
Lady Palm
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