Leftover Melomakarona Trifle

03 December 2014
Waste not want not! This holiday dessert is easy yet oh so fancy looking, and is a spectacular way to get rid of those left over cookies.
2 cups cold dairy cream
1 tbsp powdered sugar
250g ricotta cheese
150g bakers chocolate
50g unsalted cow butter
6-7 melomakarona cookies
Using either a hand or stationary mixer, beat together the cream and the powdered sugar until they become a thick whipped cream. Dump the ricotta cheese into a bowl and stir it with a spatula until it softens up and becomes very smooth. Add the ricotta to the whipped cream and mix using large circular motions, careful not to lessen the fluffiness of the whipped cream. Set aside. 
Melt the butter and the chocolate in a small pot, mixing together with a wooden spoon. Set aside to cool a bit.
Break the cookies up into large pieces, and spread a layer of them on the bottom of the glasses or large glass bowl of your choice. Wide martini glasses, or French wine glasses are an elegant choice for individual servings. Next, add a layer of whipped cream, then another layer of cookies. Finish with the melted chocolate on top.
Trifle can be eaten immediately after preparation or chilled. Try it both ways to see which you like best.
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