Kids & Pets: The Best of Friends

15 September 2015
What’s the best age for your kids to have a pet?
Kids have been known to beg and plead for a pet from a very young age. This child pet relationship can be a very deep and meaningful one. But before diving in, we must first consider our child’s ability to care for the pet, as well as the health and safety of our little one.
A child’s immune system begins to strengthen from 6 months of age and after. Therefore, once your little treasure turns 6 months old, it’s quite safe to bring a dog or cat into the home. Be sure to make sure your new fur baby is fully vaccinated, de-wormed and on flea and tick preventative. 
After 4 years of age, a child begins to understand their role as a member of society, and their responsibility towards animals. Kindergarten plays a large part in this development. It’s great when animals join a family while the kids are young, so they have the opportunity to grow up alongside each other and share a myriad of experiences. 
There is nothing more iconic than the relationship between the fabled “boy and his dog”. A child and a pet grow and experience life together in a way that will stay with them both forever. So, if you’re inclined to get a pet for your child, do it early! If you are thinking of getting a large dog, know that it will be difficult for your child to fully care for it unless the child is over 10 years old.
The average life span of a dog is 12-15 years, while a cat usually lives to 15. 
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