Back to school nights’ sleep!

Summer is gone and school is about to start in a couple of days. Now it’s the time to get your children’s sleep back to track so they will have a regulate sleeping program once school starts. Here are some tips on how to do so.

Start shifting times back

It would only make sense if your children stayed up until late during summer. Of course that means that their internal clock is out of sync. In order to get back on track, what you can do is gradually move back their bedtime by 15 minutes a day, a week before school starts, until they are back to their normal bedtime, between 8-9 pm.

Apply a bedtime routine

Kids do better when they know what to expect, so when you have a bedtime routine, it is actually a good thing for them. Prepare your children for sleep by picking a soothing activity and make it part of your routine. This activity could be reading a book, letting them take a bath while playing with their favorite bath toys and so on. It is also important to note that experts recommend consistency in bedtimes, even on weekends. Concerning weekends, you can allow your kids stay up an hour later and sleep for an hour more on weekends, but no more.

No electronics before bedtime

Nowadays, this is a tricky thing but it is important to turn off all electronic devices for at least one hour before your children go to bed. No TV, no smart phones or tablets. That will work better if you encourage the whole family to leave - and charge-  their electronics in a common area and not in the bedrooms.

Make your child’s room a “sleep sanctuary”

Keep the lights low, the temperature comfortable/cool and the room as quiet as possible.


Kids who are active during the day are more likely to have a restful sleep.

Make your mornings a bit more...sunny!

Studies have shown that we respond best to waking up with the sun. Also sun, helps your body make melatonin, the natural chemical that helps to regulate sleep. So when it’s time to get your child ready for school, open the lights and let the sunshine in!

Practice what you preach

While kids need more sleep (10 to 11 hours) than adults (8+ hours), we can certainly lead by example. Apply a “back to school sleep schedule” for the whole family and we guarantee it will help all of you!


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