Back to School: Let’s make it a smooth landing!

07 September 2016
The summer holidays are over, our children are getting ready to return to school and back to school anxiety is kicking in!
With the transition from a relaxed daily schedule to one that is a lot more structured, it is very natural for feelings of anxiety and stress to arise. With these tips, we can help you make your children’s transition to the new school year relatively painlessly! Read on parents:

Preparing for the unknown

The first day of school generally means a new teacher, new classroom, new classwork, and perhaps even new classmates. Many new things all at once! At this point, it would help to reassure your children that it is very normal to feel anxious and that while the unknown can make us scared, within a few weeks, they will feel more settled.

Listen to your kids

You want your children to share the stress and anxiety that they feel.  Listen to what they have to say, ask them to tell you about their first day back at school, about their classmates, who they’re sitting next to, their teacher, and so forth. If you feel that there is something that’s bothering them, talk about it and suggest solutions to make them feel better.  Give your child space to share their fears and anything else going on in their head. Open discussion casually, perhaps around bath time, meal time or even on a shopping trip to the supermarket.  Get into the new routine together! 

Reward them!

The stress will linger for a few days, so perhaps think of a “I survived the first day” or “I survived the first week” gift as a way of showing how proud you are of them! The gift could even be a movie night (with an epic tub of popcorn), a good book, baking their favourite cake or a day at their favourite beach now that the weather is still warm!

Get together with their classmates

A few days before they start of school, arrange a playdate for your child, be it at the homes of their classmates or a trip to the park.  In this way, your child get to re-familiarise themselves with their favourite friends making seeing all their classmates on the first day of school slightly less nerve-wracking.  

Be a team!

Ask your child what they want as a snack at school, discuss ways of making a healthier alternative and go shopping together at METRO to get the ingredients.  Get their school bag ready together.  Show your child that you are there always – a team - allies!
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