All you need to know about Mougkra!

16 February 2018

Few know what is ‘mougkra’ and fewer have tried it. And yet, mougkra is one of the most traditional Cypriot dishes and we enjoy it especially on Green Monday. Reports of the presence of mougkra, in Cyprus gastronomy scene, date back to the 19th century.

But what is mougkra? It's a dish with cauliflower, mustard seeds and bread yeast (in some recipes, no mustard seeds are used). In fact, this is a very good way to preserve cauliflower and if we were to categorize this dish in cuisine terms, we would call it a kind of pickle.

The taste of mougkra is very special and deep in flavour. Although Its final flavor is sour, you will not taste the sourness you have in mind, such as lemon and vinegar. The sourness of mougkra comes from the mastery with which the bread yeast  is used in the preparation of the dish.

Since, the making of mougkra is quite a time-consuming process, you can buy delicious mougkra for your Green Monday lunch at all METRO Supermarkets!

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