21/6. Father's Day

Because it is not only mums who celebrate a special day in this world ... Our dads have souls, too!

Father's Day is celebrated every third Sunday of June. It is a holiday, as equally worthy as Mother's Day, which more and more people are honouring and noting in their diaries. This global celebration day endured many hardships until it managed to become established. The effort began in 1908 in West Virginia of the USA, but the holiday was overshadowed by other events that happened on that day. Two years later, and again in the USA, a renewed attempt was made to celebrate Father's Day, but without specific response. Both efforts were made by women. 62 years later, that is to say in 1972, during the Nixon presidency, America recognised it and included Father's Day in the country's national holidays. 
Since its institution, Father's Day has been celebrated to honour dads all over the world. It honours, recognises and emphasises the very important role played by our fathers in the family and society. From this year, then, let's make Father's Day equal to Mother's Day. Let's give him a big kiss, a card with a few words of love and a "Happy Father's Day" hug! It is certain that our dad will feel important, will be very pleasantly surprised and will enjoy it. 
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