METRO Foods Trading Ltd, Official Sponsor of COC

09 September 2019
METRO Foods Trading Ltd, Official Sponsor of COC

Cyprus Olympic Committee and METRO Foods Trading Ltd officially presented at a press conference the co-operation of the two parties under an agreement signed on July 19 that is already in force and will be completed by the end of 2020. 

The well-known Cypriot company, was founded in 1982 and is active in the retail sector with 6 METRO supermarkets, 3 in Nicosia, one in Larnaca, one in Limassol and one in Paralimni, joined the COC Sponsorship Family as an Official Sponsor. 

Introducing the agreement, COC President, Mr Dinos Michaelides welcomed once again METRO FOODS TRADING LTD to the sponsoring family of the Cyprus Olympic Committee, thanking for the support and expressing its satisfaction with the sponsorship company, noted:

"We are moving along and we can claim that we have found partners who have a genuine willingness to support the great goals of the Olympic Committee, which is to disseminate the Values of Olympism to our youth and society in general, but also the proper presence of our country in the international events that the Cyprus Olympic Committee is responsible for.

We see sponsors as interpreted by the Ancient Greeks, as benefactors. When you help a cause that only offers good to society, such as Athletics, then this is called Benefit, and we not only thank the Benefactors, but we also honor them. "

Marketing Manager of METRO Foods Trading Ltd, Ms Melina Skordelli noted that the sponsorship of the Cyprus Olympic Committee is being implemented in the context of the company's multidimensional social activity, which now includes also athletics, mentioning among others the following:

"We strongly support the 'fair play' and the values of Olympism that are consistent with our own values. We stand by the Cyprus mission in Tokyo in 2020 and support the most important sporting event and together strive and fight for the best, for excellence.

We are very proud that our company is Official Sponsor of the Cyprus Olympic Committee since July 19 2019 and we wish all the best to all the athletes who will represent Cyprus at the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020."

On behalf of METRO Foods Trading Ltd, the Operational Manager Christos Skordellis and company representatives attended the press conference and on behalf of COC, the press conference attended the General Secretary Charalambos Lotas, the Treasurer Damianos Hatzidamianou and Members of the COC Executive Board too. Also present were a CSO representative, presidents and representatives of Athletic Associations, representatives of the other sponsors of COC, as well as the Cyprus Employers and Industrialists Federation (ΟΕΒ)

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