Arrival of the new Mikel in METRO Larnaca!

10 December 2020
Arrival of the new Mikel in METRO Larnaca!

From Thursday, December 3, METRO officially expanded its cooperation with the well-known coffee chain Mikel. After Mikel in METRO Strovolos, a second Mikel will be added to the METRO chain. This time on the 1st floor in METRO Larnaca. Everyone who was shopping at METRO Larnaca on Thursday, enjoyed the lovely and festive atmosphere of the supermarket and their favorite coffee from Mikel for free.

With their cooperation with the Mikel chain, METRO supermarkets aims to offer consumers a more pleasant experience in terms of both shopping and enjoying coffee, in a beautiful, warm and welcoming place.

The METRO supermarket in Larnaca is waiting for you to enjoy a relaxing shopping experience with the wonderful aroma of freshly roasted coffee.

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