I picnic, you picnic, we all picnic

Autumn is here and beach time is for most of us is getting less and less. However, going for picnics is the ideal autumn activity, either up in the mountains or, why not, in a nice space under the trees in a city park! Here are the absolute essentials you should take with you!

The equipment

1.Cups and plates

Lightweight, stackable dishes - preferably recyclable-  make packing easy.

2. Utensils and serving utensils

Opt for reusable utensils. Forks, spoons, knives, spatulas etc.

3. Cutting knife

Look for one with a cover for safe transporting. Or wrap the blade in a kitchen towel.

4. Small cutting board

It’s always handy to have a firm surface for slicing meat, cheese, and bread.

5. Napkins, paper towels

6. Tablecloth

Ideally it would be waterproof so if you spill something it will be easily cleaned.

7. Blanket

If you want to lie on the ground, or relax under the trees and read your book.

8. Picnic basket and insulated bag or cooler for the food not going bad in the heat

The Food

  1. Sandwiches. The simpler the better and the less messy.
  2. Condiments e.g. ketchup, mustard in in individual sachets
  3. Fruit, vegetables. No need to cut them beforehand.
  4. Homemade snacks like the ones we have already shared with you such as the vegetarian burrito, the pumpkin muffin , the bacon wrapped sausage and the tasty pizza balls 

The drinks

  1. Bottled drinks are the best option as there’s no chance of spilling them. Iced teas, sodas etc.
  2. However, if you are making your own drinks make sure they are sealed properly in a thermos or flask, either this is coffee, smoothie etc.
  3. Bottle openers

The Extras

  1. Extra clothing for each family member in case it gets cool if you stay up late.
  2. Don't leave trash on the ground, so take some garbage bags with you
  3. Flashlights or glow sticks if you are planning a night time picnic
  4. Baby wipes. Even if you don’t have kids, wipe remove stains and dirt.
  5. If you're bringing a dog, don't forget the leash. Bring a water dish, food, and toys to keep your pet entertained.
  6. First aid supplies
  7. Camera

Games, books etc. 

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