Quality at every stage of the game

Words can’t describe how much we care about the quality of our products and the protection of our consumers’ well being, so here’s proof. We are an ISO 22000 certified business, which means that we adhere to every rule and regulation regarding food safety management set down by the International Organization for Standardization. This certification covers every stage of handling which the food we choose to sell goes through, from the initial stages of production, to packaging, to transportation, to storage in our facilities, all the way up to the time you put it in your shopping cart.

This means that you can be absolutely sure that the food that reaches your kitchen is of the highest quality and, most importantly, is completely safe for you and your family to enjoy.


First Supermarkets in Cyprus to implement the HACCP

In July 2004, METRO Foods Ltd became the very first supermarket in all of Cyprus to implement HACCP, that is, the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points food safety system. This system has been adopted by the governing body TUV HELLAS, a member of TUV NORD, the German Technical Inspection Association. Additionally, in 2009 we earned the ISO 22000 certification which builds upon the foundation of HACCP and thereby reflects the strict standards to which METRO Foods Ltd is held to in the field of food safety, as well as our irrepressible drive to provide our customers with products they can freely trust.



The ISO 22000 Certification and Our Commitment to You

By earning the ISO 22000, "Food Safety Management System -Requirements for Any Organization in the Food Chain", we ensure that we are in accordance with the most stringent and internationally accepted food safety regulations delineated by organizations dedicated solely to strategic hazard control. These organizations, in accordance with accepted international standards, labor to satisfy the applicable legal and regulatory requirements when creating hazard control standards and practices.

At METRO we recognize the crucial role food plays in our families’ lives and, in particular, in the development of our little ones. Children are the future, and it is our responsibility as a supermarket to help you provide them with the best possible building blocks to help them to grow into healthy strong adults. Thus, we are committed to working within the framework of the above health and safety standards to better ensure the quality and safety of the products you’ll find on our shelves. Now, that’s something you can sink your teeth into!