METROkids Club

METRO Supermarkets
METRO Supermarkets
METRO Supermarkets

Ages 6 - 13

Parent(s) should own a METROcard


Get your own METRO kids book

Get awesome stickers

Win amazing prizes

Meet with other kids

Take part in contests and exhibits

Tons of other surprise

Completely FREE

Ask for the form our customer service desks located in all stores 

METRO privileges are not limited to parents but are extended to children as well. With their own exclusive card, children can now benefit from their own rewards. If you are an owner of a METRO Card and your child is between the ages of 6 to 13, then they automatically become a member of the METRO Kids Club, and may benefit from the privileges of the funniest club!









METROkids Club is a reward scheme for kids, by filling up their own METRO booklet with stickers and win special prizes!

METROkids Club doesn't stop there! Kids who are members can enter in competitions, take part in exciting events, meet more kids their age, and much much more!

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