METRO introduces the new economic series "MY": Quality, Low Prices, Enjoyment for Everyone


METRO is adding even more value to shopping with the introduction of the Greek economic product series "MY." This initiative was designed to offer essential products at low prices, covering a wide range of everyday needs without compromising on quality. The "MY" series includes cereals, legumes, rice, confectionery items, cleaning products, pet food, adult diapers, and much more. Different categories are easily distinguished with names like "My gusto," "My kouzina," "My fresco" for foods, and "My Soft" and "My Home” for household category items. METRO constantly adds new products from the "My" series to their shelves, providing more choices and opportunities for customers who have embraced the series since the first day it arrived. You can find the new "My" series on the shelves of all METRO.

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